Insurance Driven Digital Innovations

Insurtech Network refers to a phenomenon of insurance professionals collaborating within an innovative ecosystem to fundamentally enhance the existing insurance business model.


Get in touch if you are an insurance professional looking to solve problems for your business, engage with your clients, do things differently or grow your market share.


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We are a network of professionals that aims to advance insurance in Australia by using technology and industry collaboration to remove innovation hurdles.

Our goal is to make available the technology for Insurance Professionals to:

  1. To create an ecosystem that facilitates industry collaboration.
  2. Deliver insurance products and risk management services with real meaningful customer interactions.
  3. Embrace change, improve profitability and customer retention.
  4. Improve efficiencies by using technology to reduce manual processes.


Access New Products & Services

Aside from having online tools to facilitate the provisioning of all insurance product offerings, we work relentlessly to provide members with access to online products and services for your business clients to understand their risks.

Meaningful Customer Interactions

Create ways to build client loyalty and retention. Your branded portal will help you meet the changing needs of your customers. Your customers can login to your branded portal to manage all their insurance and risk management needs.

Gain Efficiencies & Revenue Centres

Become a part of the industry collaboration to gain access to industry specific tools designed to gain efficiencies and grow revenue centres.

Branded Webpage or Website

Insurtech Network members will all get a branded Webpage that can be presented as a button or link on your existing website. If your current website is outdated you can reach out to us to discuss our website options.